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Karate-do: Culture, Spirit, Tradition!


Sensei Franco Azzopardi

What is ETIK?

“Educational and Technical Institute of Karate (ETIK) is devoted towards taking karate students and organisations to the next levels of excellence through education and technical research, and by focusing all its energies on its core objective – developing studies in karate whilst preserving traditional quality, values and virtues, for generations yet to come.” Franco

ETIK is an Equal Opportunities organization


Personal notes

Karate: Impact with maximum force and efficiency

The inner core of karate

Deeper into Karate-do


Japanese Karate Master in Malta
29th July 2008

We have for the 25th time since 1994, hosted top Japanese karate coaches and instructors locally for the benefit of local karate students. Last weekend, Mr Takeshi Naito was back in Malta sharing his karate methods. Read more and see photos.


ETIK celebrates 20 years

Educational and Technical Institute of Karate (ETIK) started back in 1988. This year in 2008 we celebrate 20 years. Read more about our history.


111 Japanese certified black belts

So far and still counting, a total of 111 Japanese certified successful black belt exams from 1st to 5th dan levels. Read more...


Book your diary

New and ongoing courses started in January 2008 for Black Belts examinations, Budo - Goshindo - Kobudo, and more... Check out the class schedules. You can BOOK online.

Sensei Naito coming over for a weekend camp in Malta with many foreign karate on 11-13th July 2008. Contact us for early bird booking.

Sensei Kawasoe coming for a weekend course on 19-21st September 2008. Contact us now for early bird booking.


2008 Malta Spring International Course

Sensei Kawasoe Masao 8 Dan visited Malta to lead a very informative course on the 14th - 16th March 2008. Sensei always manages to get rusty joints in working order with his specialisation in body dynamics. His vintage in karate and his youthful vigour is always a source of motivation and inspiration to all who participated. This was the 13th year running that Sensei has embraced Malta as a training venue for his courses.


Special Master Coach Course and Certification

With Sensei Tasuke Watanabe 8 Dan and Sensei Kawasoe Masao 8 Dan on the 20th - 23rd September 2007. As expected, this course was a great success and a fantastic experience in both the technical and the tactical facets of karate. Read more...


2007 Malta Summer Master Class

With guest instructor of World Class level, Sensei Naito Takeshi 8th Dan, FIKTA and national instructor in Italy. 14th and 15th July. The technical director Mr Takeshi Naito, and the national kumite coach of Italy Mr Carlo Bianchi were recently hosted in Malta by the Educational and Technical Institute of Karate ( ) to share their tactics with local karate enthusiasts. Read more...or see photos


Windsor Course

Between the 26th and 28th April 2007, Sensei Franco Azzopardi and 3 of his Kohai, Sempai Bella Bugeja, Frans Falzon and Robert Micallef, attended an intensive course in London with Sensei Kawasoe Masao, Naito Takeshi and Watanabe Tasuke (Luiz). These masters are truly world class, all with their own specialisations. Incredible was Sensei Kawasoe performing footwork and kata Unsu. For the more mature students of karate, witnessing a 61-year old Kawasoe Sensei interpreting and applying the spinning jumping back-kick was truly an inspiration. Sensei Naito who is the coach of the Italian kumite team manages always to put people to test their ultimate capabilities. He explores incessantly torsion and counter-release of body dynamics. Sensei Watanabe is of a Samurai warrior class, assimilating skillfully traditional Japanese fencing and Iai, into karate combinations. Sensei Franco Azzopardi was, as usual on these courses, assisting such high level masters with demonstrating techniques and also with translations and explanations.


2007 Malta Spring Master Class

Sensei Kawasoe Masao once again was hosted in Malta by Sensei Franco Azzopardi as part of the programme of ETIK on the 14-15th April 2007. It was a very successful weekend with foreign karate-ka participating from Switzerland. Sensei brushed up on basic drills and techniques, with a further focus on their application in Kumite. Sensei never fails to astonish those present with his amazing footwork and forward spins, pivoting on the left supporting leg in a clockwise, changing legs in the process and striking. Amazing!


Pre-Dan-Grading Alignment course

This course focussed on the requrements for Dan examinations from 1st, to 4th Dan. It addressed those students preparing for the next dan grading and was held between the 4th February and the 8th April 2007 on every Sunday morning - 0930hrs at Kottonera Sports Complex. The Dan examinations are held by Sensei Kawasoe Masao and Franco Azzopardi up till 2nd Dan level in Malta, and by Sensei Kawasoe Masao, Naito Takeshi and other top ranking masters, in London.


Continued Professional Development

The objective of this course was to research the essence of Karate-do for Dan graduates and it was held between the 9th January 2007 and 10th April 2007 (every Tuesday 1930hrs and Saturday 1500hrs) at Kottonera Sports Complex. The study extended over attitude, advanced footwork borrowing from other disciplines within Budo, and maximising percussion of impact techniques.


Grading examination

A grading examination was held on the 20th January for Children under the age 13 years. The exam was based on the model of education that promotes child development especially in motorial skills. Each child was assessed for progress and a personalised report was prepared. Click here for photos taken by Stephen Schembri during the assessment.

On Sunday 21st January 2007, a practice seminar was led by Sensei Franco Azzopardi for senior kyu grade students. An emphasis was made on how to maximise the effectiveness of the simplest karate technique by assimilating them to the use of traditional karate-juitsu weapons. After the practice session, a grading examination was held and a personalised report for each student was generated. Click here to see photos.


Certificate presentation Cermony

Click here to view photos of Certificate Presentation Ceremony on Sunday 28th January at 1030hrs at Cottonera Sports Complex, for all those successful in the Junior and Senior Kyu exams held on 20-21 January, for those who passed their Dan exams with Sensei Kawasoe and Sensei Franco in 2006, and for those Dan-grade students who have participated in the CPD programme in quarter 4 of 2006.


Personal notes of Sensei Franco Azzopardi uploaded

Read the interesting personal notes of Sensei Franco Azzopardi, that attempt to transmit his studies and thinking in the art, science and culture of Karate-do.


Presentation of Certificates

The photo albums for the June and October ceremonies, and the October pre-exam training and grading are now available for viewing and downloading. You can also order higher resolution pictures by contacting us.


Studies with Masters from Japan

This technical artical by Franco Azzopardi, attempts to capture his understanding of the objective of karate training with Sensei Tsuyama of JKF, Kawasoe Sensei of WSI and Naito Sensei of JKA: Deeper into Karate-do


Shotokan is Shotokan! 2006 Master Class

2006 Malta Summer Master Class – 23 – 24th September

"we had a FANTASTIC time and hope to make it again"

Click here to view photos. Contact us with picture reference and your details should you wish to order a high resolution version for printing.

(Please note that Japanese names throughout this site follow the Japanese custom of putting surname first)


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